Donnie Dorian

Donnie Dorian is a British solo artist established in January 2017. The singer/songwriter releases original music and performs a large repertoire of popular music. Since graduating in 2012 with a degree in Popular Music from the University of South Wales, he has travelled Europe, America, Asia and Australasia. Performing shows on cruise ships, corporate events, and special occasions.

Morgan & Teresa

Morgan & Teresa are an acoustic duo who established themselves in January 2019. Well known for their tours across Europe, the two singer/songwriters perform original music and have a large repertoire of oldies to mainstream tracks. Each with years of musicianship experience, they excel at filling dance floors, encouraging sing-a-longs, and entertaining with the appropriate ambience.

Nicholas Mordecai

Nicholas Mordecai is a British songwriter who established himself as an acoustic guitarist in 2012. The guitarist writes beautiful intricate melodies using the entire guitar to create acoustic fingerstyle music. Each song released tells us a rich story and captures our vivid imagination. The solo artist collaborates and experiments with other creative musicians online from all over the world.